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Duchess Meghan, a traditional girl?

Was your choice of engagement ring determined by taste or tradition?  This is the question I'd like to ask Princess Meghan if ever afforded the opportunity - I'll dream on.

The three stone diamond engagement ring is a traditional style that was made popular by De Beers in 2001.  Their marketing strategy was brilliant, and one of the reasons that this style has remained one of the most popular styles in the 17 years since it's inception.  They named it the trilogy or trinity ring, representing the past, present, and future.  The ring becomes a token of affection that symbolizes the time a couple spends together through their lives.  Is this symbolism the reason for the Princess' choice?   Unless she revels her reason, we may never know.

The three stone ring is very popular, not only for it's symbolism, but also because of the many stone shapes, sizes, and colors you can set it with.   No longer limited to classic shapes or diamonds, you can update this traditional classic with unlimited shapes and diamond alternatives, including colored gemstones.  

With the Duchess' choice came the debate between experts on the weight of the diamonds.  One expert claims the cushion cut center stone weighs at least 5 carats with a total diamond weight of 6.5 carats when you include the side stones.  The side stones coming from a diamond brooch that belonged to Princess Diana.  Another claims the center stone weight is closer to 3-4 carats, with side stones weighing .75 carats each.  I don't know about you, but I'd go with the first expert, just saying.

The price is also up for debate.  One expert prices the ring at $200,000 if the center stone is 3 carats, another expert prices it between $300,000 - $350,000.  But, without knowing the quality and color, it's very difficult to say, since we all know that quality and color come into play when pricing diamonds.   Another question for the Princess - not the price, but clarity and color, please?

In my interpretation of Duchess Meghan's  ring, I've used a 10 x 10 mm cushion cut focal stone with 2 smaller round cut side stones.  The total diamond weight is 7 carats.  To make this ring more affordable, I've used the diamond alternative moissanite.  My ring is made of recycled platinum and 18k yellow gold.  The platinum is used for strength, and I used it to set the stones.  The ring shank is made of 18k yellow gold for beauty.  I replicated, as best I could, the double prongs holding the Duchess' center stone:


All of the materials used in my design are ethically sourced and eco friendly.  The stones are lab created moissaite by Harro Gem.  The metal used is from recycled stock.

For more three stone and custom engagement rings, Visit my website: https://dkbjewelry.com


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